Design and implementation of multimedia content

Design and implementation of multimedia content

Do you want to bring your website to life?

Then add a flash animation, a video presentation of your company and your products, a quiz or an on-line game.

Make sure your company stands out from the competition, put forward your expertise and your products or services.

  Your needs   Our solutions
  • To present your activity and your products and services
  • To capture the attention of internet users
  • To stand out from the competition
  • Design and implementation of multimedia content
  • Creation of flash animations (animated banners, advertising banners)
  • Creation of presentation videos
  • Design of quizzes and on-line games

Thanks to high-speed internet access, today you can have richer, more complex multimedia content.
Make sure your company stands out from the competition by adding a flash animation or video presenting your business, your expertise and your products.

To attract internet users and make them want to visit your website, return to your website and contact you, add a quizz or an on-line game.

Flash animation

An animation attracts attention and brings your website to life.
Flash animations are used for animated banners or advertising banners.

Presentation video

A presentation video highlights your expertise and your products or services, helping you to stand out from the competition.
A presentation video attracts the interest of internet users and gives your company a professional image.

A quizz or on-line gamee

A quizz or on-line game makes internet users want to stay with your website and most important to come back to your website.

YATY multimedia designs and implements websites as well as designing multimedia content. At YATY multimedia we also offer tailor-made training programs in computer skills, the internet and multi-media content design.

Our expertise :
Website design and implementation - Updating of existing websites and blogs (spip, joomla, wordpress, blogger, over-blog...) - Training in computer skills and software, the internet, and multimedia content design and management - Logo and graphic design - Multimedia content design and implementation (advertising banners, quizzes, games, flash animations) - Video production - Production of website content - Consulting and Website Performance Diagnostic